What is pOLI?

POLi is one more of a host of new internet financial options called a net wallet or e wallet. E wallets allow users to store their secure financial information with one online institution, that they can then use to purchase goods and services from a host of online retailers and service providers. POLi is slightly different from most e wallets, however, in that they don't actually store any sensitive financial information, but rather provide merely a safe gateway between a financial institution and an online merchant.

There are many advantages to using net or e wallets, chief among them being security and convenience. Individual websites are all responsible for providing their own security to ensure that financial information is safe and protected. As an epidemic of hacks has recently shown, however, there are clearly some businesses that take the protection of their client's and consumer's data and financial information more seriously than others.

Using a net or e wallet ensures that your financial information is entrusted to a company that makes protecting it their number one priority and concern. In addition to safety however, many people are turning to net wallets for the ease and convenience of only having to type in financial and personal information one time to make purchases in a number of different locations.

One of the many new uses for financial services like POLi is to make a casino deposit to fund a casino account on one of the dozens of new online casinos sweeping the internet.

What is WebMoney?

WebMoney is a global settlement system for business transactions carried out online. Simply put, it is an online payment method allowing users to transact with other WebMoney casinos and users. The system was established back in 1998 and originally targeted users from the Former Soviet Union and Russia. However, since then it has gained up to 28 million users from across the world. WebMoney Transfer Ltd is the owner and administrator of the system.

WebMoney is equipped with specialized technology that consists of a set of standardized interfaces which enable the users to manage their finances while conducting safe transactions with other users. This technology is protected by companies known as Guarantors. Users are also able to resolve any disputes that come up during transactions as well as find ways to earn funding for ventures they come up with. The system also offers its users internet based trading platforms, online billing systems and P2P payment solutions.

Users are able to fund their WebMoney accounts through their personal bank accounts using postal orders, bank transfers, prepaid cards, and exchange offices. For example, users interested in online gambling can use prepaid cards online casinos. WebMoney also serves as a withdrawal platform. Users can withdraw funds from WebMoney but only through an account they have deposited within a six month period. Moreover, users do not require bank accounts or credit cards to sign up or operate their WebMoney accounts.

There are numerous online casinos that accept WebMoney payments including online casinos. Although signing up and receiving WM units from other WM users is free, WebMoney charges a 0.08% fee for sending WM units to other accounts. An important point to note before signing up for WebMoney is that it only transacts in Euros and U.S dollars.

What is Click2Pay?

People who use online gaming casinos on a regular basis will find it most convenient to deposit funds into a safe account so they can pay for their gaming experience with ease. A method of casino payment commonly used is Click2Pay.

Click2Pay is an online wallet where online casino games can deposit and withdraw money as needed. In order to use Click2pay, a person needs to open an ECash Direct account. The registration process is done online via a secure site, and is convenient and easy to complete.

Once an individual has registered with ECash Direct, they can use their Click2Pay account much like a debit account. There is a maximum amount that a person can deposit or withdraw at any given time, which can be found by logging into their Click2Pay account. Funds become available for use in online casino gaming when a person makes a deposit in their account.

Click2Pay is recommended for anyone who regularly uses online casino gaming sites for entertainment. Click2Pay is a safe way to manage funds, and funds are instantly transferred to the desired game so a person can continue their online gaming experience with ease. When a person wants to redeem their money, they can visit their Click2Pay casinos account section to receive their funds quickly.

For a safer online casino gaming experience, Click2Pay is a method of casino payment that many players use. Those interested in acquiring a Click2Pay account of their own can register with ECash Direct and follow the instructions for completing their accounts.

How Does the PaySafeCard Work?

PaySafeCard is one of a growing number of pre-paid credit cards that are being used for daily use and online purchases. Unlike a traditional credit card that offers a line of credit, a pre-paid card can be used in all the same ways that a credit card can be used, but can only be used to purchase or secure items up to the dollar amount that has been paid on the card. A credit card limit is set by the issuer of the credit card, but pre-paid card limits are set by the purchaser of the card.

If a person were to use a credit card to rent a car, for instance, the rental company may place a hold on a certain dollar amount on the credit card that is over and above what the car rental itself costs. If the customer has a high enough credit limit, the transaction goes through. If they do not have a high enough credit limit, however, they can always call their credit card company and ask for a higher limit. On a pre-paid card, however, the credit limit is set by however much money has been paid onto the card. In that case, a “credit limit increase” is only available by placing more money on the card.

One use for pre-paid cards that many people are utilizing these days is pre paid cards for online casinos. In addition to all of the standard credit cards, many casinos now accept pre paid cards to fund casino accounts, including the PaySafeCard.

What is InstaDebit?

InstaDebit is a secure and safe way to make payments and deposit fund for online gambling. InstaDebit works exactly like an online check, but with added security and ease of use. When you choose the InstaDebit payment option, just like a check, the money will be deposited or withdrawn from your bank account with just 2-5 days of processing time. You can use this method of payment by connecting your preferred banking account to your InstaDebit account, or by transferring funds via bank transfer to your account.

InstaDebit makes it easy for your to participate in online gambling, casinos and poker rooms using real money, not a virtual points system or your debit or credit card.
InstaDebit provides a safer method of payment than direct credit card entry or deposit because it does not provide the online merchant with your personal information. Your sensitive data is stored privately within the InstaDebit system and transferred appropriately when you are ready to make a payment. Your payments will show up as checks on your banking statement and you will never be charged fees for using your InstaDebit account.

InstaDebit also provides a more convenient solution to making payments with online casinos. Instead of entering your information with every payment or using a casino prepaid cards, you simply make your payment by choosing the InstaDebit at checkout and logging into your account. This will save you time and effort and allow you to get back to the action quicker.
Creating an InstaDebit account is free and easy for those located in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Visa Electron

Visa electron is somewhat of a hybrid between a pre-paid cards and a debit card. Credit cards, of course, are used based upon an established line of credit and can be used up to the limit offered by the issuer of the card. That limit can also be increased or decreased at any time by the card issuer. Debit cards, however, are generally issued by banks and can only be used for purchases which do not exceed the amount available in one's account, unless there is some form of overdraft protection in place. In that case, the purchase is still “backed” by the bank and will be paid even if the funds are not directly available. Pre-paid cards, however, are essentially debit cards that are not associated with a bank account, which means there is no “backer” to provide any form of overdraft protection, which means the card can only be used to the limit of funds available on the card itself.

The Visa electron card is a sort of hybrid between a debit and pre-paid card in that it is a pre-paid card that occasionally has some form of overdraft protection extended, which makes it more of a debit card than pre-paid card. The advantage to the Visa electron card, of course, is that it is issued by one of the most recognized brands in the world, and is accepted wherever Visa is accepted.

Visa electron is generally an acceptable debit card for casino deposit in a majority of online casinos.

Can I use Visa For Casino Deposits?

Visa is an internationally recognized credit card that is one of the many means available to deposit money into your casino account. Using a credit card for casino deposit is one of the fastest means of depositing money, since most deposits made with a credit care are immediately available for use. Other methods of deposit may take anywhere from several hours to several days to be available, as other means and methods often have to be verified and digital transfer times may vary.

Because Visa is an internationally recognized and secure form of deposit, most casinos also offer the ability to withdraw funds back on the same credit card used for casino deposit. Credit cards withdrawals are often also faster than other methods of withdrawal, but can take anywhere from 24-72 hours to be available. Casinos have to be far more careful with making payouts, obviously, than they are with accepting deposits, so withdrawals will generally take significantly more time that deposits.

It is also important to be aware that in the interests of fraud prevention, many casinos will require that a copy of both the front and the back of the credit card be submitted to the casino before funds can be withdrawn onto the card. In addition, casinos are required to verify the legal identity of any individual attempting to withdraw funds, and so further forms of identification may be required for funds to be withdrawn. Typical forms of identification requested are government ID's and/ or utility bills.

How does a Ukash Card Work?

In the 21st Century digital age, more and more options are being made available for purchases and personal spending that do not involve carrying cash around. Credit cards remain one of the most secure forms of payment, but are also dependent on the ability to have a line of credit issued. Debit cards are also quite useful, but are dependent on banks to set the terms and conditions for use, and often come with high fees that line the coffers of the banks.

One of the growing trends in financial management is that of the pre-paid card. Pre-paid cards work just like credit or debit cards in that they can be used to make online purchases or pay for items the same way a credit or debit card is used. But rather than being controlled and governed by a credit limit or banking regulations, pre-paid cards are controlled by the user. Pre-paid cards often offer multiple options for “loading” the card, such as paying cash at certain stores or retailers or having a paycheck or other income directly deposited onto the card. It can then be used to make purchases up to the amount available on the card.

One of the growing uses for pre-paid cards is the ability to use prepaid cards for casinos. Online casinos are a rapidly growing industry, and currently accept any number of pre-paid cards to fund the initial accounts that players use for gaming. Just like with credit cards, certain establishments will take one card but not another. Ukash is widely accepted at any number of gaming establishments.

What is EntroPay?

EntroPay provides a very simple to use method of making payments online. EntroPay is, in essence, a virtual prepaid Visa. What this means is the account number for a Visa card is provided to those who deposit money into an EntroPay account. Once the funds are deposited, the EntroPay “card” is now available to use to make purchases.

When credit card or debit card account holders want to buy something online, they do not swipe a physical card. They just enter the account number, expiration date, and security code on the card. As long as the card is active, then the purchase will process. EntroPay makes it easier to make payments online since no physical card is ever needed.

Bank transfers are also possible with an EntroPay account. Funds can be withdrawn from one account and then deposited in another. The virtual Visa acts the the “middleman” in the process, a process that is fairly easy.

Also, it is possible to receive payments with an EntroPay account. Those who want to collect money can have the funds deposited to the Visa account number. This is an excellent option for those who have intentions of using the card again and would like to eliminate having to load the funds themselves.

Creating an account on the EntroPay website starts the process. A username and passwords is all that is required to add funds. Log onto the site from anywhere using a computer or mobile device. Just be sure to use eWallet to keep passwords safe.

Is the EcoCard E-wallet System Accepted at Online Casinos?

Eco Card payment platform was established in the year 2000. The product is owned by PSI-Pay limited. It was recently in 2008 when the platform began to be regulated by the FCA under the Financial Services and Market Act 2000. Through this particular act, the company has been authorized by the Financial Services Authority to issue electronic money. In 2009 the company partnered with MasterCard to issue MasterCard re-branded card products. In the same year Eco Card developed their own iPhone app to provide their customers with flexibility to pay for goods and services online.

With partnership from MasterCard and seamless integration with iPhone, Eco Card has transpired as an electronic wallet platform easily accessible from any location in the world. Immediately customers develop an Eco Card user account, it is possible to deposit funds into the Eco Card electronic wallet by using a credit/debit card or through a bank wire money transfer system.

When funds are transferred into an Eco Card e-wallet platform it is possible to spend the money anywhere that you feel like. If users use the service as an e-wallet platform or as an Eco card payment card, the system does not reveal any personal details to the third party payment processor. The users appear anonymous. This feature is extremely useful when depositing funds to online casinos because most gamblers like to hide their identities.

Applying for an Eco Card electronic wallet account is a simple and straightforward process. Users apply for the account online. The application only takes a maximum of two working days to be processed. Immediately the application is approved, the cards are shipped within fourteen working days together with the PIN. The card can therefore be used as a payment solution as well as a deposit option to online casinos that accept an Eco Card wallet system.

Is ClickandBuy a Good Service for Online Casino Deposits?

ClickandBuy is one more of a growing number of online payment options. ClickandBuy is what is known as a “net wallet,” or e wallet, which allows users to enter their secure payment information in one location with a trusted source, and then use that information for purchases in other locations throughout the net. While options like ClickandBuy are gaining in popularity because of the ease and convenience of not having to enter long and lengthy credit card numbers and bank information, as well as personal details such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers again and again, they are also gaining in popularity due to security issues as well.

The last few years have been nothing if not a painful and expensive lesson on just how easily many of the supposed protectors of sensitive and personal information can be broken into or hacked, and the immense damage it can cause when that information is then spread on the same internet that it was gained from. The advantage of reputable e-wallet firms is that their entire business is protecting financial and personal information, which means that security is of primary importance, rather than of secondary importance as is true of many online retailers.

One industry that is a favorite for users of an e wallet is that of the casino industry. As online casinos are gaining in popularity, users are looking for better and better ways to fund accounts without having to offer certain personal details or have casino information show up on bank or credit card statements.

Is it Possible to Fund my Casino Account with EziPay?

EziPay is one of a host of new financial options available online that is more of a loan than a line of credit. EziPay operates like a sort of hybrid between a credit card and a net wallet. Like a net wallet, EziPay is completely virtual and does not come with a physical card that can be used for real world purchases. It does, however, offer credit like a credit card, but without any interest. There are certain fees and charges associated with receiving an EziPay loan, but they are explained up front and calculated into the total price, which does not change over time. That way, one knows exactly how much they are borrowing and exactly how much it will cost to pay the loan back.

EziPay is also more like a store credit card than a major credit card like Visa or Mastercard, as they do not offer a general credit line for purchases, but rather extend credit for a specific item or purchase or for use at a specific location.

So, for instance, if someone wanted to purchase a refrigerator online that was $3,000, they would apply for an EziPay credit line for the purchase price and any additional taxes and fees. If approved, then they will cover the entire cost, and they can repay the cost of the refrigerator over time.

Another one of the many uses for EziPay is to use it to make a casino deposit for use in gaming at one of the many online casinos available today.

What Exactly is a Diner's Club Card?

Diner's Club has a very interesting history that the average person easily relates to. The Diner's Club card was brought to light by Frank McNamara. He went out dining in New York City without his wallet back in 1949. Needless to say, he was very upset. He wanted to make sure that never happened again. Later on, he paid for his dinners with a cardboard Diner's Club card. Card members grew quickly during those early days. The credit card was used for dining out, entertainment, people were charged and paid monthly billing.

Getting Started

The Diner's Club card is one of the oldest credit cards around. People were attracted to the ease and convenience associated with using the credit card to pay for travels or entertainment. Today, major online casinos allow customers to fund their accounts with the credit card. Let's take a look at the process involved.

Casino software should be installed on your computer. Follow the instructions to download the casino's software to your computer.
Register for a casino account to get started.

Click the Diners Club Card option in the financial section of the application for registration to play on the selected site.
Enter the amount of money that you would like to deposit in your casino account and follow any other instructions.

Now, you are officially registered to gamble at the casino with an established account that is funded by your Diners Club credit card.

Most online casinos do not charge processing fees for using your credit card for casino deposit. However, the bank funding the money might charge processing fees.

Is Skrill a Popular Method of Casino Deposit?

Skrill is a popular online payment method used around the world. With wide coverage, it is commonly used as a digital payment processing gateway. It is regarded by some to be a safer alternative to PayPal. Generally speaking, merchants in Europe tend to favor Skrill over PayPal.

Users can fund their Skrill payment accounts by digitally transferring fees from another Skrill account, making it possible for two users of Skrill to conduct a private transaction. This payment platform allows users to make a casino deposit using their credit card, bank account, or virtual Skrill balance. Like PayPal, Skrill obfuscates sensitive financial information and provides a higher level of security for transactions.

A website visitor can make a casino deposit using Skrill without ever having to give their debit or credit card number to the vendor, providing an extra layer of safety and confidence between the casino and the player. Skrill accepts a wide variety of currencies, which makes the service convenient for the safety-conscious international gambler.

Skrill is available in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia as a widely-used payment method. Many online casinos now accept Skrill as a payment method. It's crucial to understand that you don't need a Skrill balance to make a deposit. Skrill provides a secure payment gateway so that users can make encrypted credit card, debit card, and bank payments to a company without revealing their payment credentials. You don't need to make a Skrill account to send money through the service, simply use an alternate payment method through the payment gateway!

Is UseMyBank used at Online Casinos?

UseMyBank is one of the many new electronic options available in the digital age where people are – quite rightly – becoming more and more wary of randomly handing out credit card numbers, personal details and other financial information to various online merchants and retailers who may or may not employ the highest levels of internet security.

UseMyBank is one of several services offered by UseMyServices, that allows users to provide sensitive banking and financial information to one trusted site, which then allows them to purchase goods and services from any number of online retailers, without having to give each individual retailer their personal and financial information.

UseMyBank allows users to utilize bank funds to make purchases or receive services, without having to give the merchant or service provider their sensitive banking information. UseMyServices also offers UseMyCard and UseMyFunds services as well. UseMyCard allows users to enter credit card information to use for purchases, and UseMyFunds works much like a pre-paid debit card, where users deposit a certain amount of money which is then available for use online.

Online Casinos are a rapidly growing industry that need to make numerous banking options available to their rapidly growing base of global consumers. UseMyBank is one widely accepted form of casino payment method. In a global market, the number of financial options are growing rapidly, and these days it is not uncommon to find casinos offering more than 40 different payment options, including a wide range of pre-paid cards and net wallet options.

Is iDEAL Generally Accepted at Online Casinos?

iDEAL is one of a host of new payment services cropping up all over the internet. Based in the Netherlands, iDEAL deals predominantly with European banks, but there are similar services offered for almost any country a person could reside in. Services like iDEAL are unique in that they do not personally store any sensitive or critical financial information – which makes them secure – but rather act as a sort of protected portal between a bank and an online retailer.

This is important, because retailers are generally responsible for the safety and security of their site, and an outright epidemic of recent hacked information bears witness to that fact that not all online retailers and service providers take information safety as seriously as others. iDEAL and other services like it take the guesswork out of how safe or secure a site is on its own, by providing a service that makes each financial transaction secure regardless of the security of the individual site.

One of the latest uses for net wallets, e wallets, prepaid cards and other new financial tools is the ability for users to make casino deposits in the rash of new gaming sites available on the internet. With the enormity of options available to consumers, casinos are following suit by offering an enormous selection of ways in which to fund casino accounts and make casino deposits. These days, it is easer than ever to quickly fund a casino account and to be up and running and making wagers in a minimum amount of time.


SOFORT is an online banking site that is used by millions of people across the world. The majority of customers are in Canada, Europe, and the UK. The site has gained world wide attention because of their excellent online reputation for providing a secure place for financial transactions for their customers online. The majority of customers are in Europe, Canada, and the UK. However, their reputation is global and growing daily.

Sofort Money

Sofort is the way to handle online financial transactions. Thousands are using the financial institution to fund their online gambling account. That's right. A casino deposit is handled very safely and efficienty by the online banking institution. Sofort makes the entire transaction very easy for their customers. All transactions are very safe and very secure. Most transactions happen instantly.

SOFORT Casino Deposit

SOFORT is an online banking institution that operates in the UK, Canada, and Europe. It is also a top source to fund online casino gambling. Customers are able to fund online casino accounts with funds that are transferred from their SOFORT accounts. Many casinos allow their players to select SOFORT as a deposit source for their gambling account. Here are the steps to take to transfer money to a casino account. Sign into the SOFORT account and fill in the amount to transfer to the casino account. Confirm personal information. The money is instantly transferred to the user's casino account. Remember to check the transactions to make sure that the information that was entered was correct.

Is MasterCard Accepted at Online Casinos?

MasterCard Worldwide is a global financial services corporation founded in 1966 in Purchase, New York. Going under the name MasterCharge, the card was developed by a group of California banking institutions as a direct competitor to BankAmericard (now commonly known as Visa), issued by finance giant Bank of America. The card was later rebranded in 1979 as MasterCard and was issued by over 25,000 financial institutions and accepted by millions of locations all over the world. MasterCard is accepted at most online casinos.

MasterCard is now available as a credit card, a prepaid card (for those consumers without bank accounts), a bank debit card (for consumers who want buying power without a monthly bill), and a gift card. With the MasterCard mobile app, paperless transactions are becoming more popular with account holders. The card is accepted for processing of many transactions through the 32 million merchants all over the world, including:
Travel reservations
Bill payments
Online banking
Online game and casino deposits
Dining and entertainment
Car and truck rentals

The massive growth of online gaming sites has made MasterCard the leading credit card for casino deposit transactions. Once the player’s account profile is updated with a valid credit card authorization form, use of the credit card for depositing funds is quick and effortless. The company’s ongoing security monitoring services ensure a safe and secure gaming environment for customers.

MasterCard makes customer service a priority by striving to make payments easier and smarter, making it a global commerce leader. The company also is actively seeking ways to assist in finance education and to increase leadership opportunities in the areas of business and technology.

What is Neteller?

Neteller: Leader In Online Payment Processing

The world’s leading online payment system, Neteller, has serviced the residents of over 200 countries since its launch in 1999. By the end of 2014, the company (owned by Optimal Payments PLC) reported net revenues of nearly $90 million. Neteller is used primarily for money transfers to and from online merchants, such as social networks, Neteller Casinos, forex trading firms and other online gambling entities. Neteller funds may be moved via bank account, credit card account or the company-issued NET+ Card.

One year after its founding, Neteller had been a payment processor for over 80 percent of the world’s gambling merchants, with the majority of casino deposits being made by U. S. residents. Operating in 15 currencies across the globe, Neteller was the leading processor of casino deposits by the end of 2006. The company suffered very little as a result of the Unlawful Internet gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) because of its solid standing with non-U.S. countries.

Paying bills online with Neteller is simple, less expensive than most online payment processors and more secure than using banking and credit card accounts. An ACH deposit into the account is instantaneous with fees varying from 2.5 to 3.5 percent. Withdrawals are also quick via bank or credit card transfer, and the NET+ Card is accepted at millions of ATM locations worldwide displaying the Pulse or NYCE logos. Neteller withdrawal processing times through participating merchants may vary based on terms and conditions.

Customers with high transaction activity are offered premium membership status called Neteller VIP, which has lower fees and exclusive access to special account features. New cyber security developments by the online processor include an enhanced NET+ card and additional security access codes to online accounts.