Casino Support Numbers and Email Updated 21/18/2015

Casino Support Information Inclusion

If you are a casino affiliate manager or casino owner and would like to have your customer support information added to this database, please contact for consideration.

If you are a casino player that was not able to locate the information you were looking for, please contact us so that we may adjust the database to include the information that was not present.

The idea for the support number database came to me when I was unable to get into a casino because of a server maintenance.  Unfortunately, even though the casino had given everyone that was logged in, sufficient enough time to log off; I had signed on right after the message.  I played for roughly ten minutes, hit quite a large jackpot and then was dashed out of the system.  I couldn't find the support number anywhere because the site and casino were both down.  I even checked the internet archive but only found an old page with incorrect phone information.  Did it record my win before the server maintenance?  Yes, but I really would have liked the piece of mind of just the simple amount of control over the situation that a phone call to customer service can create. I also have found that the online white pages and yellow pages fail to carry online casino support phone and email information.  Please remember to bookmark our site in case  you ever need to get a casino support number.