Alderney Gambling Control Commission

Upon its inception, remote gaming was in somewhat of a gray area of how it could be enforced to ensure no criminal activity took place. In May of 2000, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, or AGCC, was founded in order to regulate online gaming and make sure that both participants and vendors adhere to the laws set in place. The AGCC is comprised of four total members and claims no political affiliation in order to eliminate bias that may occur during regulation. The Commission's primary goal is to not only regulate online gambling, but to do so in a fair and just manner.

The AGCC is based in the British Channel Islands, which are not apart of the United Kingdom or the European Union. Alderney is the third largest of the Channel Islands, and due to being independent from the United Kingdom, has its own government and laws, making it an extremely unique area. The Channel Islands are recognized across the world as thriving finance centers that are brimming with e-commerce. Alderney itself also thrives from its vast e-commerce, resulting in regulations that must be put in place for companies and licensees that operate on the island. Those who run eGambling businesses on Alderney have access to an efficient and stable telecommunications network that allows reliable, high-speed connections across the globe, particularly to the USA, Europe, the UK, and Asia. However, with great opportunity comes the potential for abuse; the AGCC exists to regulate all of the activity in the eGambling industry that takes place in Alderney.

It is absolutely required that a company involved in gambling in Alderney be licensed for its activity, as it is illegal otherwise. There are two categories of licenses that can be obtained from the AGCC. A Category 1 license allows a company or business to acquire and verify player information, and also manage their funds. A Category 2 License allows gambling to be operated within an approved hosting center. The category of license obtained depends solely on what manner the individual wishes to operate their business.

There are two phases to establishing an eGambling businesses in Alderney: obtaining the license, and launching the business. In order to obtain a license, the company must publish a notice expressing their desire for a license. The company then submits an application to the AGCC along with a deposit of £10,000. After the application has been received and processed, the applicant will meet with the Director of Regulatory Operations of the AGCC and establish their business plan, what companies will be involved, what countries will be dealt with, etc. Afterward, the information presented by the applicant will be presented to the board members of the AGCC, who will then make their decision on whether or not to grant the applicant a license.

The second phase involves actually launching the business. Before the license can become fully operational, the AGCC must approve of the business's Internal Control System, or ICS, which is a document that outlines in detail all of the business's internal procedures. If no revisions or amendments are needed, then the AGCC will then investigate the applicant's gambling equipment and make sure that it is up to standard. Afterward, the Commission establishes financial guidelines that must be followed if the company wants to stay in business. Afterward, a letter from the AGCC is sent to the applicant, and they can begin to operate commercially.