Amaya Games

Amaya Games, also known as Amaya Inc., is a leading gaming company. Its company's headquarters are in Canada. The gaming company also holds licensing agreements across different countries. Some of the different countries include Romania, Spain, France, and the United States. The company's executive team, along with its board of directors, have a strong mission. Their mission is focused on maintaining a highly-competitive organization built on leading technology. The organization's leaders have the ability to combine technology from existing companies and engage in new product development. Amaya Games offers leadership and technology that few other gaming companies can match.

PokerStars is a critical part of the company's continued success among players. For example, game players enjoy access to a weekly online poker tournament. Players, who desire good fun, have the option of obtaining access to the site fast. They do not have to wait for long. The site has the added bonus of free software. The software is available for players who use Windows and Mac. Likewise, poker players do not receive complex instructions when using the gaming software. Quick customer service is a focus, too. Players are not forced to wait weeks to get quality assistance. On rare occasions when help is required, PokerStars has a 24-hour support team available to handle any player concerns. Great help is a few clicks away for players.

PokerStars is not the only great option among Amaya Games' selection of products. For example, game players have the option to use Full Tilt. Full Tilt is a game where players can use play money and actual currency towards participation. Players are offered the opportunity to play in multiple games throughout the day. For example, the site has a brilliant variation of Texas Holdem. Players who seek even more action can engage in the Full Tilt Online Poker Series. The game is held every quarter for players to enjoy.

The leaders at Amaya Games are proud of what their company has accomplished in the world of gaming. Their focus on attention has allowed them to have branded live poker rooms. The branded live poker rooms can be found in top casinos across the globe. Likewise, the company has provided access for people to see poker games in their living rooms. Some of their licensing agreements include televised programming. Future plans for the leading company include additional programming. The additional programming would aim to reach more people across the globe.