Gaming Club Casino

The Gaming Club online casino was founded in 1994. After over two decades of providing the best in online casino gaming, Gaming Club continues to be a master of the trade with more than 500 feature-filled games. This casino has an in-depth Vegas casino theme.

Gaming Club is proud to offer superior customer support options in comparison to the competition. The company invites anyone with concerns about their online experience, including questions about the casino and questions regarding a settlement,to contact them in a variety of ways including email or phone. They provide country-specific Helpdesk numbers with qualified professionals on hand to answer any and all questions. The company simply requests that the player provide his or her Name (including Surname), Gaming Club username, account number and basic contact information in order to ensure a speedy response.

Casino Game Information

Gaming Club offers casino game play in a variety of formats. Interested players can access the casino from their desktop computer, laptop PC, tablet or other mobile device. This means that playing on the go is always an option. Find Out More Terms and Conditions

The software for Gaming Club is powered by Microgaming. Microgaming is a leading expert in safe, secure online game play. There is plenty of support that the company offers such as Player Communication Management. This software helps to track casino players who are having a difficult time and provides them assistance when necessary, such as with registration and banking. The company has a focus on games that are designed with quality, playability and originality. They strive to make something for everyone so that players will be sure to be happy and busy while playing at Gaming Club.


The process of depositing money to play with is very simple. There are a variety of options to choose from for both PC and mobile users. If a player is depositing from his or her PC, he or she can deposit funds using his or her Visa, MasterCard, moneybookers, or Euteller. From the players mobile device, the player can make a deposit with any major debit or credit card such as a Visa/MasterCard, NETELLER, or Ukash.

Once a player is ready to withdraw winnings, the process is quick and easy. Winners will be able to withdraw winnings within 48 hours (VIP clients can select a fadter clearence of funds). Players can have money sent directly to checking account in decided upon bank, or may play with these funds without having to make an additional deposit.

Gaming Club Casino Promotions

With Gaming Club casino, there are many different promotions available including regular bonuses, VIP bonuses, and more.

Upon signing up to play with Gaming Club Casino, a player has two options for sign-on bonuses. The first option will supply the player with $200 worth of free game play by giving the player 100% back on the first $200 the player spends at the casino. To claim the free bonus, a player will simply download the free casino software, register for a New Reel account and make the first deposit. We will instantly match as much as a new player decides to deposit (up to $200). This means that if the original deposit is $50, the player will actually have an initial playing amount of $100. Likewise, if the player's initial deposit is $200, the player will actually have a playing amount of $400. Bonus Eligibility

The player's second sign-on bonus option works in the same way that the first option does. The player can claim up to $150 in free play simply by depositing up to $150. The great news is that a player can claim both of these sign-on bonuses. The only step a player needs to follow to ensure he or she gets all bonuses, is to make the first two deposits.

In addition to these awesome bonuses, Gaming Club also offers Prize Packed promotions. There are daily, weekly, and monthly promotions that are themed and full of awesome prizes. Players have the chance to win some awesome free stuff- from cash to 5-Star cruises.

Additionally, all current players have the opportunity to take part in mid-week match promotions. These promotions allow players to have a percentage of their previous weeks playings to be matched. It is a surprise what the percentage will be each week and players are updated via special emails.

Gaming Club takes care of the loyal members by offering cash back on every cash bet. Every cash bet placed is converted into loyalty points. Earn enough loyalty points, and players can cash in for cold hard cash.

Most importantly, gaming club takes very good care of the Very Important Players. These players get 5-star treatment comparable to no other. Free spins, exclusive promotions, and round-the-clock personal assistance from a VIP host are just a few of the many benefits.

Security And Licensing

With the help of the world-renowned security company and e-cash partner, Datacash Ltd, Gaming Club is ensuring that players credit card information is safe through full-encryption from everyone, including our own staff. The company works to make sure that no one else can use players credit cards by asking for players full account information. They also use one of the best Fraud departments worldwide to ensure that personal information stays personal.

Gaming Club has also been awarded a fair game play medal from the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance organization. We provide honest game play, no rigging, no unfair stats and no priority given to certain players.

In this day and age, players have thousands of options for online casino gaming. Not all online Casinos are created equally though. Players want to choose the company that will offer great bonuses and promotions, has experience as a leader in the field, can be trusted with important personal information and is going to offer players the awesome rewards that they deserve. This is why players should choose the Gaming Club. Players can sign up today and learn why for themselves.