GUTS Casino

For anyone who is looking to break free of the traditional casinos and play a bit of their own style of gaming, they just need to check out GUTS Casino. This online casino has some of the very best games out there and it allows players to enjoy most of the same games that are also locate in the traditional brick and mortar facilities. So, for anyone who enjoys playing games and going to the casino but wants to play in the comfort of their own home, all they need to do is check out the GUTS Casino.

GUTS Casino Information

The GUTS Casino is all about showing off a player's guts. It is designed to help players visiting the website take it to the next level and be extreme with the games they are playing. All of the games have a very “in your face” kind of look to it. This includes pirate themed games, swashbuckler and other elements that are all daring. The website is fully licensed and it has its MT SecureTrade Limited license, which has been approved by the Malta Gaming Authority while also being held up to European Standards. Due to this, players are able to log on and play throughout Europe and even in Australia and in Canada. The online gaming website is one of the newer options available as it started up out of Malta in 2014. In terms of customer support though, the vast majority of the customer support services are all based on email, as this is the only real way to communicate and connect with the service should someone have a problem. However, if there is more of an emergency, there is a proactive customer support agent that can answer questions over an online chat service. Read More About GUTS Casino Terms and Conditions

GUTS Casino Gaming

Individuals who are looking to play and take advantage of the GUTS Casino are able to play games both through their computer and over their smart phone or tablet. An application is available through the website so players can download the app rather easily to their device. Now, it is important for players to do so within the EU, Canada and Australia. Gameplay is not available in the United States and it is not going to work when connecting off of a United States IP address. In terms of the kind of games out there on the website, some of the biggest names in online gaming can be found on GUTS Casino. Some of the top brands for the website include NetEnt, Microgaming, Bet Eoft, OMI Gaming, IGT, Sheriff Gaming and others (these just happen to be the largest gaming program companies offering up games on GUTS Casino.

GUTS Casino Banking

Banking is an extremely important feature for anyone online gaming casino and the same is true for GUTS Casino. Here, players are able to sign up for an account and deposit money into their account rather easily. It doesn't accept PayPal, but there are plenty of other options for individuals looking to deposit money and withdraw it. Both Visa and MasterCard are available and can be used for depositing money into the account. Skrill is one of the largest online banking services in the world and it is an accepted partner with GUTS Casino. Beyond this, gamers can use Neteller, Fast Bank Transfer, U Kash, Paysafe Card, Glue and several other smaller services. So, chances are there is at least one financial banking option that is used by the player when they go to create their own account and to deposit money into their account or to withdraw their winnings.

GUTS Casino Promotions

Like many other websites, the GUTS Casino has many promotions that an avid online casino player should take advantage of. For starters, there is an initial welcome bonus of 300 pounds. This is all based on the amount of money someone deposits into their account. The welcome bonus matches up to 300 pounds over the first week, and deposits cannot be combined for the max bonus. This means a player does need to deposit 300 at once in order to receive the full 300 welcome bonus. If they don't, the highest amount they deposit at once is matched. Additionally, the player receives 100 free spins a part of their welcome bonus. Outside of the sign up bonus, there is a double Monday deal, where players can receive double rewards when they play on Monday. That turns into Thursday Triple, where payouts on the slot games are tripped in value. Lastly, there is a monthly 10,000 euro giveaway, which is rather attractive and means it is extremely desirable for anyone who enjoys playing at GUTS Casino and just wants to increase their chance of winning more money. Too Good to be True? Find Out

GUTS Casino Security and Licensing

GUTS Casino uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) in order to encrypt all of the information, including banking accounts, passwords and all other data. This is the same kind of service that is used by many of the top banks in the world as well. All account holder's accounts are password protected and, should the account holder forget their password, only the account holder is able to receive their duplicate password through the delivery service of their choice (which can vary from texting or email). The affiliate program of GUTS Casino is the Guts Gaming Limited Company, which does provide both regular casino gambling and live sports gambling. For anyone who is looking to receive more information or to contact GUTS Casino, there is a FAQ listed on the website, and then there are two different options for contacting. There is an available email address provided by GUTS Casino. This includes and For individuals who want to talk one on one with someone, they just need to select the live chat feature found on the GUTS Casino website. This way, no matter what someone is looking for or who they need to talk to, they are able to discuss any and all of their situations with this live person. It is quick, easy and it is live 24 hours a day.

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