Microgaming UK

Microgaming is a game design and development company based on the Isle of Man, focusing on development of games for casinos, mobile devices, and multiplayer applications. The company works with several world-famous brands, developing a wide variety of applications with assets from Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight Rises, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Jurassic Park, and more. They also develop their own IPs, aiming to create a unique and original play experience in all the games they produce.


The team at Microgaming prides itself on a culture of respect, professionalism, and personal friendship. They declare that “we work together and we play together,” hosting in-office birthday celebrations, quiz nights, training sessions in their on-site gym, and more; the company has all the components shared with other high-end software development companies, helping cater to their employees' personal lives as well as their professional ones.


The team at Microgaming employs several high-profile professionals with distinguished backgrounds in their field; from Roget Raatgever, the longest-serving CEO in the gaming industry, to Chris Hobbs, the head of corporate affairs with experience in corporate and merchant banking, and Janine Woodford-Dale, head of marketing, events, and PR, who was listed in the UK's Top 100 Rising Stars in 2008, the team behind Microgaming is a highly qualified group of individuals whose expertise extends far beyond the gaming industry.

The Story of Microgaming

Microgaming started the world's first real online casino in 1994, adapting with the ebb and flow of the gaming industry ever since. The company has developed over 800 unique casino games with 1200 variants, making them a highly established player in the gaming industry, and has led the way in adapting to the ubiquity of mobile and online games along the way. Based on the Isle of Man, Microgaming has worked with several worldwide brands, making its mark in popular culture just as much as it has made its mark in the gaming industry; the company publishes new material each month, drawing from both licensed and proprietary content along the way to create an exciting and varied gameplay experience.


Microgaming develops in .NET, C++, C#, Java, Adobe Flash and HTML5 for platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS; their wide variety of experience and consistent development of new products each month makes Microgaming able to produce high quality games at a fast rate of production. Quality never suffers because of production speed at Microgaming, though, as the team of artists, designers, and programmers behind each game is made up of highly experienced and talented artisans and a tight-knit team of developers. Microgaming tailors the games it delivers to the quality of the machine running the games – newer machines will be able to run the latest games with the most exciting graphics and display, while older machines will receive an adapted version that runs smoothly on their hardware.

Latest Titles

With titles like Avalon II, Untamed Crowned Eagle, The Dark Knight Rises (the world's first online slot developed for the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch), and The Finer Reels of Life, Microgaming is proud to offer both new and licensed properties for their addictive and fast-paced games.

Play It Forward

One of the most unique things about Microgaming is their Play It Forward initiative. Launching in August 2014, Microgaming's Play It Forward bursary program has helped foster the careers of several young professionals, including those with future careers in math education, law, and history. Microgaming is proud to support the future of movers and shakers from the Isle of Man, seeking to enrich their hometown by helping some of the brightest minds on the island seek out a university education. Microgaming believes in using its influence to benefit their local community and its residents; their Play It Forward program uses the capital they've established to help promote students and professionals from the Isle of Man as they begin their futures.

Microgaming's pedigree is well established and its place in the gaming world well deserved – their familiarity with the world of online and on-site gaming, as well as the consistent rate of production for their high-quality products, has helped establish them as a central player in the modern gaming industry. When these factors are combined with the social awareness behind the Play It Forward program, Microgaming makes an excellent example of a modern business, operating in a modern career field, using its success to improve both their own workers and people from their local community. Whether it is working with established brands and products or developing their own in-house creations, Microgaming approaches all the work they do with a drive and dedication unique to the most successful gaming companies of the world, and is able to reap the rewards as a result.