NextGen, an online gaming company, focused on independent content delivery back when it was a highly successful market. They have used many player experiences noted over nearly a decade in order to build up a solid knowledge base for player trends globally. NextGen's worldwide focus has given developers all around the world access to mature and emerging gaming markets. This allows NextGen's partners to receive the best of both markets.

NextGen was founded in 1999, at the perfect time. 1999 introduced the growth of the newly made online casino and video poker industry. NextGen currently has a headquarters in London and a number of offices in Sydney and Stockholm. NextGen serves a worldwide marketplace of customizable games and current solutions for both online and arena casino operators globally. These games not only help operators solve their problems, but also deliver a stellar experience to the casino sponsors themselves, regardless of where they play their games. NextGen licenses most of the slot games they create so that other software platforms can support the majority of online casinos.

Slot games, specifically, have been a massively profitable business. NextGen provides a base model for the way opportunity cost works in business. Most slot games aim to make a lot of money and will succeed. NextGen prefers to side with opportunity costs relative to an inferior game and work with partners to pro-actively go after a game following specific strategic requirements. NextGen have a proven record record for delivering quality games online and on land in arenas.

It is accurate to say that many have followed our path with content space after seeing our success. We don't blame them for that. The way we distinguish ourselves from others, is in the breadth of extensive knowledge and increased capability offered to all partners. Not many can compete at our level.

NextGen will work with you on your time to understand your overall goal. They will share any of there well desired expertise with your team. Just between NextGen and its partner, they will deliver specific themes under a range of math models. They will share any market experiences from different global judgments pointing out what has worked in the past, why it didn't work, and what will be changed. This is a glorius benefit to all partners of NextGen. The significant opportunity cost, makes it a great deal for both sides. More profit for the partners and increased customers for NextGen.