Playtech Games

The online gaming industry has been around for a lot longer than most people think.In 1999, entrepreneurs from various industries, including casino and software engineering, who shared common ideals founded Playtech in Tartu, Estonia. The first two years after the company's inception served as a growth in planning stage that included heavy market analysis. In 2001, Playtech's first licensee was acquired, causing productivity to skyrocket. Various casino-related games were developed, including online casino games that are played across the world. In 2006, Playtech officially became a public company and shares were sold on the London stock market. As a result, Playtech as able to open offices in Bulgaria, which was the first time Playtech physically expanded its location out of Estonia. Over the next few years, Playtech's reach grew significantly, and it entered markets in Italy, Spain, Estonia, and Serbia. Today, Playtech is the world's leading supplier of online gaming software; enormous progress made since its founding in 1999.

Live Blackjack is one of the most popular and successful Playtech games that has been created. Playing against a live dealer gives the player a sense of genuineness that cannot be acquired through other blackjack games with a computer dealer run by artificial intelligence. The dealer is portrayed to the user through a webcam, and they are present within a casino environment. The dealer responds to the player's actions and requests, and the cards shown on the table determine the outcome. Live Blackjack is the most real remote gaming is able to get to actually being in a casino. Live Blackjack is consistently rated as being among the best online casino games.

Playtech's games were originally casino-based, so it is no surprise that some of their most popular games are casino games. Pink Panther a slot machine simulator that is one of their most popular and successful. The basic premise of activating the slot machine in order to determine a random payout is the core of the gameplay, but Pink Panther offers numerous diversions that also occur at random. There are a large handful of bonuses that can be acquired that add to the player's payout, and also two jackpots that progressively increase as the game continues that the player is given an opportunity to obtain. Pink Panther takes the monotony out of traditional slot machine gaming and adds a large amount of entertainment to it through creative thinking and innovation.