UK Gaming Commission

The United Kingdom has a very robust and active sports industry. The world of sports feeds other industries such as betting, gambling and lottery that give pleasure and fulfilment to participants.

Founded under the Gambling Act of 2005, the UK gaming commission serves as a monitoring and regulation body. The commission's primary objective is to streamline the gambling industry in the United Kingdom ensuring fair practice and professionalism. On its portfolio includes; betting and casinos including online platforms and software, lotteries, gaming machines and arcades. The management of the National Lottery also falls under the mandate of the UK Commission.

The Commission works hand in hand with commercial gambling licensing authorities. Among the statutory requirements for operating a gambling or lottery is a valid licensing. The licensing process is long and exhaustive. It is a regulatory measure meant to crackdown on rogue operators. These remedies act as a springboard to fight corruption in sports betting and other illegal activities in the industry.

The gambling industry possesses great potential for investment and profit. In this regard, the Commission acknowledges the need to protect and nurture the interests of all stakeholders. By maintaining fairness, exposing crime and limiting exposure to vulnerable groups such as children, the industry thrives on good practice. The values that guide the UK gambling commission include accountability, consistency, professionalism, and transparency.

The commission has the mandate to revoke licenses and levy fines issued to gambling operators. They have a team of over 200 employees who carry out investigations and prosecute lawbreakers in partnership with the police and the judiciary. In this regard, agents randomly inspect the premises and financial records of licensed operators. The local and national government, through the Department of Culture, Media and Sports relies on the commission for advisory functions in the industry including recommendations and findings related to the practice of the industry