Casino.Support only asks for a username, password and first and last name for the purpose of creating a profile for our ticketing system.  This information is not leased, rented or sold to any third party.  The purpose of this information is only that of properly identifying our readers who request our assistance.  If one of our clients would prefer a less intrusive way in which to submit a concern, they may instead write to Kyle Hammond  While email communication is permitted, a profile may still need to be created on a case to case basis.

Any information collected in the normal course of server up-time, is only used for statistical purposes and said information cannot be used to identify a user of this website.

No information is shared with a 3rd party.  If the reader chooses to select an offer from this site, an identifier may be attached to the external link to notify the third party of details of the bonus selected.  No personal information is transferred at that time.  We are not responsible for privacy issues of any 3rd party site which is connected from Casino.Support.  Users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the privacy, security and terms and conditions of any third party website.

Privacy concerns beyond the scope of this document may be addressed to