User Security

Casino.Support prioritizes the matter of online security.  This site does all that it can to protect our visitors including virus checking and malware detection.  We ask that private information, other than an email be entered into the site. Something that our readers should consider in their own data security is the use of strong passwords.  When playing at an online casino, it is important to consider two things.  First, when selecting a username, remember that if there is a jackpot win or large win, that the username may be shown in a list of winners or used for advertising purposes.  The second issue to address is that a weak password used on a casino account can permit nefarious individuals a better chance at access to credit card and other private or financial related information.

Strong Passwords

In order to create a strong password, but still make it memorable, we suggest using simple phrases that do not include personal information.  The password phrase should be at least nine characters in length or longer.  An example of a strong password phrase would be, ‘I live 4 Casino Games!!'  In this example, the password phrase is over the eight character requirement, includes multiple capital letters, a numeric character and special characters.

Our readers can check the strength of their passwords at this location: Password Strength Monitor 

Protecting User Information Online

Online casino players should also consider the strength of their email accounts.  Because there will be email correspondence with the casino, financial information could possibly be revealed.  Make certain to make passwords strong for email accounts such as outlook, hotmail and Gmail.  Here are some ways in which to test the security of the top email service providers:

Casino Security

Online casinos are well-known for having the best in online security measures.  Each casino encrypts financial data and most use the same method of encryption used by governments and military.  However, much of the responsibility for account security will fall to the player.  Remember not to share an account or account information.